A Tech With Heart Interview With Beth Halbert

Have you ever felt so frustrated that you could scream?!

Do you sometimes feel that you are hitting your head against a wall?

This last year has been incredibly difficult for us to navigate, in many areas of our lives.

When it comes to being an effective leader in our business, it really helps if we understand our own feelings and behaviors, so we can address them first before trying to address those of your team.

I recently interviewed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Beth Halbert, on the Tech With Heart Show. Dr. Beth teaches us how to identify and tap into our “inner-child,” so we can process our emotions and thoughts effectively to be the best leader we can be in our business.

If you can identify your inner child and take control, you are going to be a successful leader in business.


In this episode of Tech With Heart, you will learn about the three levels and your business:

    • Inner Three Year Old who feels scared
    • Super Seven Year Old who takes care
    • The Inner Teen who is outgoing.

If your work is not fun, it doesn’t get done, and you will find a way to sabotage yourself.

You can go to https://drbeth.com/freestuff – and get her ebook “If It’s not fun, it just doesn’t get done!!!” Includes her Inner Family Chart.

This information is useful for executives that might have a child, teen, an employee, or “Inner Teen” that is kicking your butt!!

You will be seeking a new way to have it all without giving up anything you love.

About Guest Dr. Beth Halbert

Dr Beth Headshot
As a licensed child and clinical psychologist, Dr. Beth works with parents, teens, children, and adults to create sustainable healthy, authentic, loving relationships. She helps parents and adults understand their child’s (inner child’s), underlying issues behind current behaviors and how to disarm them before they become problems.

Dr. Beth helps teens and children create safety structures and effective practical strategies that teach how to make Good Life Choices.

In your work with Dr. Beth, you will experience a deeper connection in all of the important relationships in your life. You will feel a greater sense of confidence that allows you to express more of your authentic self in everything you do. You will gain a new perspective in your current life experience that will support more compassion, love, and playfulness for yourself and others.

Visit DrBeth.com

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