Artificial Intelligence and Why They Buy - A Tech With Heart Interview with Carol Stanley

Predict Buying Behavior and Increase Your Revenue

Imagine having the power to influence a person’s buying decision!

Imagine increasing your sales by 75% simply because you knew exactly what to say to get a “Yes”.

There is a system and a technology that can help you increase sales, and also enhance your personal relationships.

Carol Stanley is a Communication Specialist and Certified and Licensed Trainer in the BANKCODE methodology, a personality profiling system scientifically proven to predict buying behavior and increase your revenue.

The BANK methodology can detail the personality profile in 90 seconds, and use that information so that you can communicate efficiently and effectively.

This comprehensive profile identifies the reasons why you approve of something, especially on important decisions.


Values are the key for influence over buying decisions

As a Communication Specialist, Carol understands that communication is effective when the client understands exactly what you wanted to say.

You must understand the scale of values and how they differ with people. “If you want to make more sales, you have to talk about the needs and core values of a person, at the time they need to hear your solution.”

The BUYology system helps you increase your sales and even improve your relationships. It combines the science of personality with research on why people make purchasing decisions.

Check out this Tech With Heart Interview with Communications Expert, Carol Stanley, and host, Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions, as they discuss AI, and Why People Make Buying Decisions.

In this Tech With Heart Interview, Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO and Comunication Expert, Carol Stanley, discuss:

  • How to influence a person’s buying decision.
  • The BANK methodology.
  • The BUYology system helps you increase your sales and even improve your relationships.

Have you ever wondered how to persuade a greater number of people to make a buying decision with strategies adapted around each type of person and their values?

Carol’s course is based on six different intelligences: Personality, Sales, Emotional, Artificial, Business, and Spiritual.

PERSONALITY INTELLIGENCE, (B.A.N.K. personality science is a game-changer as stated but Les Brown, Robert Kawasaki, Sir Richard Branson, and many others using this amazing technology.)

SALES INTELLIGENCE, (The Sales Velocity Equation and application will open you to a new awareness in your business and new skills.)

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, (Emotional Intelligence is a key to any relationship success, but especially in sales and business.)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, (The AI of B.A.N.K. put our founder and inventor of B.A.N.K in the United Nations because of its effectiveness and empathetic elements.)

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, (Tools you cannot do without are on this Intelligence. New and proven techniques and skills are learned here to enhance any business.)

SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, (This has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with you, your purpose in life, and the 4 levels of wealth in life. Money is the lowest wealth, and your life purpose is the top.)

If you are interested to learn more about this revolutionary communication system, I would recommend going it about it in the following order:

1. Crack your own personality code (for free) and learn all about why you make the decisions that you do.

2. Click here to opt in for Carol’s 12 week training program, starting Feb 20th, and watch your world open up in ways you never imagined possible.

About Guest Carol Stanley

Headshot of Carol Stanley wearing a red top

Carol Stanley helps Entrepreneurs and leaders in Faith and Business connect powerfully with clients for more effective communication. Her mission is to help others communicate brilliantly, stand in their power, and be the voice of their passions.

She has also transformed speakers and singers into brilliant presenters. She is a lifelong performer and lover of the stage and screen. In addition to movies, TV, radio, recording, directing, keynoting and more, she has also played lead roles in Broadway musicals.

Carol is featured in Stanford and Continental Who’s Who, Women of Distinction, and Entrepreneur Magazines.

She is a published author, and her latest book: Born to Be Awesome, A Guide to Presenting with Brilliance Through the Power of God in You is available on Amazon.

Learn more about Carol at 

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