Attract More Business With Google Maps –Tech With Heart Interview With Byron Ingraham

Before talking about Google Maps

Are you well known in your local community?

If I was visiting your area and I needed your services, would I find you easily by searching for your service on Google?

Imagine that you are visiting a new city and you get an insatiable appetite for tacos. What do you do?

You pull out your smartphone and type in “Tacos” in your phone’s browser.

Google serves you up the top three listings that are located nearby.

You likely will choose the closest restaurant serving tacos that has more than a two-star review. Am I right?

Two stars or less is definitely risky, but who am I to judge.

Here’s the thing..

That restaurant that you just selected, didn’t spend one dime on advertising to show up in the top three listings.

The most important thing on Google is to be found.

Every business is offered a FREE Google My Business Profile which is a very powerful SEO tool that Google prioritizes in their search listings.

3.5 billion Google searches are for local products/services, 75% of clicks go to the top three map listings.

Would you like to appear in the top three listings in your industry for your local region?

I recently interviewed marketing strategist, Byron Ingraham, on the Tech With Heart Show, about the benefits that Google Maps offers in attracting local business for your company.

It’s FREE to set up.

You no longer need to waste money on ads. People go straight to the organic listings on Google that appear as part of the Google My Business Maps feature.

In this episode of Tech With Heart, you will learn about Google Maps.

  • How consumers are using Google Maps to make buying decisions
  • Why traditional SEO & websites don’t matter as much anymore
  • 46% of 3.6 Billion daily searches on Google are for local businesses

Remember, the most economical advertising is Google My Business Maps.

Google reviews offer powerful social proof that will improve your sales conversions.

Do yourself a favor and watch this interview.

Reach out to us at if you would like learn more.

This information could turn your local business into a hot spot within weeks.

Think strategic. The numbers tell us where we need to position our business.

About Guest Byron Ingraham

Byron Ingraham

Byron Ingraham is the author of The Art Of Conversation, a book on leveraging communication to attract ideal clients utilizing online marketing.

His innovative strategies help businesses reach their ideal customers online and offline while maximizing their revenue potential.

For more information about his work, visit his website at

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