Business Empowerment Through Diversity and Inclusion – A Tech With Heart Interview with Lisa E. Kirkwood

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Business Empowerment Through Diversity and Inclusion - with Lisa E. Kirkwood

Competitive Business Advantage With DEI

Small business owners face numerous challenges in staying competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing business landscape. One of the strategies that can significantly impact a business’s growth and success is embracing diversity and inclusion. This approach not only helps avoid potential pitfalls but also enriches the business environment, leading to incredible business growth.

On a recent episode of the Tech With Heart Show, host Michelle Calloway, founder of REVEALiO, delved into the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with the help of Lisa E. Kirkwood, a master storyteller, speaker, author, consultant, and a recognized expert on diversity in corporate America.

Lisa emphasizes the significant business losses that arise from diversity-related issues, which often stem from grievances related to diversity and inclusion. Such disputes, which could otherwise be resolved through dialogue, end up in court, resulting in substantial financial and reputational damage to businesses.

“DEI equals ROI” – Lisa E. Kirkwood

Values and Viewpoints Differ

One of the primary challenges in embracing diversity and inclusion is the misconception that everyone shares the same values. Kirkwood highlighted the importance of recognizing and valuing different backgrounds and perspectives, which can lead to improved innovation, employee retention, morale boosts, and business revenues. She also stressed the importance of addressing not just primary dimensions of diversity such as gender, race, age, and ability but also secondary dimensions like culture, language, and religion.

Technology Improves Inclusion

Tech tools play a crucial role in making businesses more inclusive. For instance, using Google Translate or conversational AI on websites can help cater to a multilingual audience, thereby expanding the customer base and fostering brand loyalty. Additionally, ensuring websites are ADA compliant not only serves individuals with disabilities but also enhances a business’s online presence and search engine optimization.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The common challenges that businesses face regarding cultural diversity, whether it be employees or customers.
  • Steps to protect business owners from potential lawsuits in this regard?
  • The wonderful benefits of having a diverse work environment and customer base.

The conversation with Kirkwood on the Tech With Heart Show was enlightening, offering tangible benefits of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in business. From increasing efficiency and innovation to boosting revenues and community impact, the ROI of DEI is undeniable. Small business owners are encouraged to integrate DEI into their company culture and operations, seeking professional guidance if necessary to navigate this complex yet rewarding area.

Embracing diversity and inclusion is not just a moral imperative but a strategic business decision that can lead to substantial growth, innovation, and success.

For those looking to dive deeper into this topic and ensure their business is on the right path toward inclusivity and diversity, reaching out to experts like Lisa E. Kirkwood can be a valuable step. Her insights and expertise can help businesses not only avoid legal and financial pitfalls but also embrace the rich benefits that come from a diverse and inclusive business environment.

See beyond the challenges to the myriad of opportunities that a diverse workforce and customer base can bring to a small business.

About the Founder, Michelle Calloway

Headshot of Lisa E. Kirkwood holding a book

Lisa E. Kirkwood is a modern Renaissance woman with an international background and multiple areas of expertise. She brings meaningful and amazing stories from all over the world, and she can turn any speech into a mesmerizing experience. Great storytelling educates, uplifts, and enlightens the spirit.

For over 30 years, Ms. Kirkwood has been a champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, way before these terms were coined together as such. With two decades of professional experience in corporate America, for major banks like Wells Fargo, Kinecta, and Comerica, Lisa E. Kirkwood has been recognized for her personal contributions to diversity.

She is a Heroes Extraordinaire Award Winner for Cultural Diversity and the winner of the Diversity Champion Award from Wells Fargo.

An accomplished writer, Lisa E. Kirkwood, has been collaborating with multiple magazines and contributing themed, relevant articles on a variety of topics.
She is also the author of the programs and upcoming books Higher Dimensions
of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusionand You’ve Got the Power!

In addition, Lisa E. Kirkwood is an advocate of gender equality and empowerment, of environmental causes, holistic medicine, and spirituality.

With a wide media presence, she has been a speaker on numerous platforms like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, IHeartRadio, Spotify, and many others.  

Audiences are impacted, inspired, informed, and entertained by Ms. Kirkwood’s highly engaging speeches that connect people on a personal level, improve lives, and build better relationships in our global communities. 


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