Three Critical Videos Every Business Must Have – A Tech With Heart Episode with Michelle Calloway

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Three Critical Videos Every Business Must Have - A Tech With Heart Episode with Michelle Calloway

Consumer reports show that buying decisions are often made after the customer has had a chance to research and experience a brand or business.

One of the most effective ways to provide an online experience with potential customers is through video storytelling.

Business owners have stories that will compel potential customers to want to invest in their product or service, however, an alarming number of small businesses and nonprofits are not utilizing video as a connective tool online.

The reasons for their lack of video content vary by company, however, the reasons I hear most often are as follows:

  • They don’t know how to create video
  • They are incredibly uncomfortable getting on camera
  • They don’t know what to say
  • They cannot afford a professional video production

Business owners cannot afford NOT to use video to connect with online customers.”

Stories Sell!

Videos allow that story to be seen and heard 24/7 across the globe.

Watch this Tech With Heart episode with Media Technology Strategist, Michelle Calloway, as she discusses the three critical videos that every business must have

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There are three critical videos that every business and nonprofit must have:

  1. Welcome or Intro video – the problem you solve, how you uniquely solve it, and your credibility or purpose (your why)
  2. Explainer video – visually demonstrate your product or service while focusing on the value proposition
  3. Testimonial video – build up authority and credibility by getting a client or referral partner to elevate you through video testimonial (who do you want to attract?)

When it comes to producing a video, there are various choices on how to tell the story:

  • Montage videos – use images or stock photos, video clips, text on screen, voiceover, and music to set the mood. Completed video ranges from 15 sec to 60 seconds.
  • Full Motion videos – video crew films on location – capture interviews or testimonials – can include drone footage. Completed video ranges from 15 sec to 3 minutes in length.
  • Character animation – cartoon characters help visually tell the story along with text on screen and voiceover. Completed video ranges from 15 sec to 60 seconds.
  • Whiteboard animation – scenes are drawn out as the story is told using 2-dimensional sketches that help visually tell the story along with the voiceover. Completed video ranges from 15 sec to 60 seconds.

All videos need to be short, concise and have a goal. People’s attention spans are short. Knowing the goal of the video, ie to raise awareness, increase opt-ins, etc., will direct the script, and the visual elements used to tell the story.

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Turning your story into a video story is easy when you have someone helping you by extracting important aspects of your story, organizing your thoughts into goals, and crafting your video script.

The Tech With Heart (nonprofit) is proud to offer high-quality, affordable video storytelling creation services to help get small business and nonprofit stories seen and heard so they can attract more clients, volunteers, donors, or partners.

The Tech With Heart Foundation is a mission-based nonprofit that supports entrepreneurial growth, and underserved students through a high-level apprenticeship program. Every video that is created to benefit a small business’ visibility, will also benefit an underserved, minority student to gain training in marketing technology industries, and life skills mentoring, that will provide them a competitive advantage in life and in business.

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About Host Michelle Calloway

Headshot of Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO and Founder of Tech With Heart Network-Purple Jacket

Michelle Calloway is a Media Tech Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, and CEO of innovative software and media solutions company called REVEALiO.

REVEALiO helps business owners attract clients through unique, robust interactive storytelling experiences that literally make your message COME ALIVE right before their eyes!

Michelle has been featured in Inc. magazine and praised by Kevin Harrington, of ABC’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, for providing small business owners with a unique differentiator that creates powerful organic conversions.

She is driven by success and determined to help forward-thinking businesses gain the ultimate competitive advantage by captivating their audiences and influencing buying decisions with media storytelling and interactive branded experiences.

Michelle is also the founder of the Tech With Heart Network, an online business community, and TV show. Her Tech With Heart Network further empowers small business owners to achieve rapid success leveraging the power of media exposure and celebrity status. The power of this network can take a new business owner with no pre-existing track record and create instant credibility in any market.

Learn more about affordable video storytelling creation at