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Grow alongside forward-thinking, heart-centered entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Tech With Heart Network.

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Monthly EMPOWER Networking Event

EMPOWER - A Tech With Heart Networking Event

EMPOWER – A Tech With Heart Monthly Networking Event (online)

  • Gain insights from business experts
  • Power networking opportunities to build collaborative and supportive professional relationships
  • Ask questions, and get answers
  • Basic and Gold Members are invited to speak and lead breakout rooms during the live event.

Daily Discussion in our Social Media Groups 

Daily community engagement happens in our social media groups. Please join as many as you like (below), and introduce yourself to the community.

  1. Introduce yourself to the community via one or all of the platforms below
  2. Share the problem that you solve for people
  3. Share what are looking to get out of the community
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      Join community discussions and get notified about upcoming events.

      Connect and collaborate with other business experts and learn business tips, techniques, and strategies from each other.

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      Alignable Group

      Join community discussions and meet like-minded business professionals.

      Share your events, ask questions, and build collaborative partnerships.


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      Join community discussions with like-minded business professionals around the world.

      Build collaborative partnerships that could open the doors for oversees business.


      Get Interviewed on
      The Tech With Heart Show

      Gold members receive a complimentary expert interview with founder, Michelle Calloway

      Boost Your Credibility

      Gain Online Visibility

      Attract New Clients

      Tech with Heart Network

      Apply To Be Interviewed As The Expert Authority In Your Industry

      Attract bigger and better clients by getting featured on Social Media, TV, News, Radio, and in Print.

      It all begins with an expert interview.

      2 Billion Reasons To Use WhatsApp for Networking – A Tech With Heart Interview with Marc Jarrett

      2 Billion Reasons To Use WhatsApp for Networking – A Tech With Heart Interview with Marc Jarrett

      As a business owner, your network is your net worth. Businesses grow quicker by establishing professional relationships with like-minded professionals, communities, and organizations. One of the easiest ways to grow your network is to show up to industry-related events and online virtual networking events. WhatsApp offers global networking opportunities for a fraction of the cost of attending live events. Learn more from this interview with Marc Jarrett, owner of Virtual Power Networking.

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      and it’s entrepreneurial, and student support programs.
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