4 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Fund Your Business – A Tech With Heart Interview with Sophia Olivas

Jul 27, 2021Business Growth, Innovation, News, tech with heart, TWH Show

4 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Fund Your Business with Sophia Olivas

Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain… we all have heard of them, but not everyone understands them.

Many business owners do not know what to think about these technologies.

When it comes to doing business online and staying relevant with technology, Tech With Heart Network (nonprofit) strives to keep business owners enlightened and empowered about trends and shifts in the business landscape.

Technology and Media Strategist, Michelle Calloway recently had the pleasure of interviewing technology innovator, and visionary, Sophia Olivas, who has plenty of experience with Cryptocurrency. She shared some insights as to how business owners can benefit from opening their doors to accept this digital form of currency sooner rather than later.

Whether you are looking for funding, or elevating your business growth, this interview covers 4 Ways to Fund Your Business With Cryptocurrency:

  • Private Funding
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Security Token Offering (STO)
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

The way Sophia explains these methods in the interview, really simplifies the concepts, so that all business owners can understand, whether they are tech savvy or not.

Playing Big

Other important points that were made in the interview was that the newest millionaires were made because of Cryptocurrency. Business owners who want to “play big” should start opening their doors to accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment for goods and services, sooner rather than later.

As of January, 2021, 36% of small businesses across the United States are accepting Cryptocurrency.

Number of businesses accepting cryptocurrency as of March 2021

Businesses that are early to adopt to this form of digital currency will benefit the most from these new-found millionaires, because they are making it easier for these millionaires to either fund or do business with them.

As a free gift, Sophia Olivas has generously granted everyone free access to the first (and longest) video in the Cryptonics series, valued at over $2,000.

Click here to watch Cryptonics video

About Guest Sophia Olivas

Sophia Olivas in black and red dress

Sophia Olivas is a passionate leader and visionary who left home at 14 years old to defy the odds.

Before the age of 25, she was investing in real estate, owned a tech company, had raised $30 million in 28 days for company she founded, and had launched an online banking project for a Top 5 financial institution.

Since the early 90s, Sophia has been a technology innovator. She is the first woman to own a crypto hedge fund, and currently works on Smart Technology and Green Energy projects.

Learn more about her Smart City project at www.utopiasmart.city

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