Generosity Strategies and Technology for Business

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Generosity Strategies and Tech in Business hosted by Michelle Calloway

‘Tis the season to be generous and give gifts.

Oftentimes, it is not the gift itself that holds the greatest value, but the act of giving that carries the most influence.

Humans are designed to be in a community with one another. Generously sharing time, thoughts, talents, and gifts with each other comes naturally for most people.

Business owners can use generosity as a business strategy to attract and retain clients. It is a strategy that doesn’t have to have a monetary cost associated with it, but it can bring about a great reward when managed properly.

In 2021, 75% of consumers demand that a company they shop with give back in some charitable way.

Some small business owners express concern that if they give away too much of their knowledge or content for free that they won’t make any money because people won’t need to hire them.

On the contrary, there is a remarkable amount of evidence that proves generosity leads to profits. Here is an article from Inc. Magazine titled: Why Generosity is Smart for Making Profits.

Tech With Heart host, Michelle Calloway interviewed 5 small business owners to learn about generosity strategies they have in place, how effective they are, and what technologies they use to implement the strategies.

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About Host Michelle Calloway

Headshot of Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO and Founder of Tech With Heart Network

Michelle Calloway combines innovation, technology, and media publicity to position you as a sought-after authority and thought leader in your industry, harnessing the power to captivate people’s attention and increase consumer engagement.

She is a sought-after speaker in disruptive marketing, interactive media, online credibility, and living a purpose-driven life.

Inc Magazine recognized Michelle for her disruptive marketing technology because of its power to captivate people, making it easier to convert more sales.

She has been given praise by Kevin Harrington, The Original Shark from ABC’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, for providing business owners with a unique differentiator that instantly sets them apart.

Michelle is the founder of the Tech With Heart Foundation nonprofit that focuses on empowering entrepreneurs, students, and children to embrace technologies to stay relevant while focusing on enhancing human connection.

About Guest Barbara Provost

Headshot of Barbara Provost

Dr. Barbara Provost, Founder of Purse Strings LLC, was tired of seeing women consistently overlooked by financial organizations and the impact of financial decisions not made in her best interest. Not only is this buying power being ignored for lack of tailoring to women, but this powerful demographic is also underserved and under-planned for her financial future, thereby spending retirement years cobbling jobs together to pay her bills. All that ends with Purse Strings.

Now, women can come to the table with confidence and competence. provides access to free online tools and professional resources to learn what she needs to know to make the right financial decisions for herself and her family. Moreover, Purse Strings, LLC promotes a top-tier cadre of Purse Strings Approved Financial Professionals who have been trained and vetted to serve the female market. Our mission is for all women to be financially fearless!

About Guest Rachel LeRoy

Headshot of Rachel Leroy

Rachel LeRoy is an innovative, thought leader, and founder of HipMaps, and mom to the cutest beagle in the world.

HipMaps is a custom map designer who uses a fresh approach to bring joy through personalized maps for any occasion.

Rachel specializes in maps where hosts share their favorite places to eat, drink, and play and Rachel creates their map in their style. Hosts share their custom map with guests via HipMaps’ free smartphone app, where guests see their location right on the custom map.

These personal and informative maps are great for vacation rental homes, inns & lodges, business events, retreats, conferences, weddings, reunions, real estate professionals & more.

Rachel is based in Sonoma, California, and makes maps all over the world. Fun visuals can be found at

About Guest Lorraine Lane

Lorraine Lane headshot - a white woman with short brown hair wearing a blue blouse

Known as the Results Coach, Lorraine Lane inspires managers and business owners to develop their strengths, skills, and insights and step up their leadership roles. Her work with hiring managers and newly promoted managers has resulted in the right team members getting hired and the noteworthy improvement of employee retention.

In her work with business owners, she opens doors of opportunity to contribute back to their communities. Her clients learn to identify their real target market and convey marketing messages that get heard.
Lorraine is the author of two books: Business-Building Referrals and Get It Right – both available on Amazon.

She has served in multiple business leadership roles and served on Boards of Directors, and has developed and facilitated hundreds of training and seminars as an adjunct faculty member for local colleges.

About Guest Shiri Gabriel

Headshot of Shiri Gabriel

Shiri Gabriel is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Professor, highly skilled in leading and inspiring individuals and teams to achieve time, money, freedom – TOGETHER.

She is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and presenter great at employing clarity, innovation, and humor to deliver effective presentations to diverse audiences.

Her 20+ years of experience in the corporate world combined with her passion for building global businesses provide a unique combination to help leaders succeed.
Shiri holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Psychology and Mass Communications from York University.

About Guest Sandy Rowley

Headshot of Sandy Rowley

Sandy Rowley is an SEO Expert and owner of ::: Webby Award Winning Web Designer also selected as BEST SEO OF THE WEST

Sandy has 20+ years of internet marketing experience and has helped hundreds of small businesses and nonprofits with their online marketing efforts.

About Tech With Heart

Tech With Heart is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation focused on creating a safe, nurturing learning environment for entrepreneurs, students, and children. Tech With Heart is a nonprofit with a passion to ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER business owners to EMBRACE technology and business strategies that will keep them competitive and relevant for long term success, in a rapidly changing digital world. The entrepreneurial support program, Tech With Heart Network, is unlike other business networks because they are a nonprofit focused on serving and supporting, not gaining financial wealth.

    • Members are heart-centered AND forward-thinking
    • They teach emerging technologies and growth strategies
    • All questions are good questions. They provide timely answers too!
    • All ages and knowledge levels are welcome to participate
    • Members build and nurture long-term business relationships as they grow alongside one another
    • Warm, professional, and vetted business referral network

Visibility and promotional opportunities for experts and influencers as they enlighten and empower the entrepreneurial audience

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