How To Get The Most Out Of Your
Tech With Heart Membership

Tech With Heart Network is a community of forward-thinking, heart-centered business leaders.

Network, Engage, &
Join The Conversation

Below are some tips on How To Get The Most Out of The Network:

  • Engage the community by participating in group discussions and networking events on Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • Participate in our monthly EMPOWER Networking Live (Virtual) Meetups and begin building relationships with community members.
  • Learn from leadership experts, and ask questions in the comments or at live events.
  • Collaborate with fellow business leaders through our members and influencers directories.
  • Apply to be interviewed on the Tech With Heart Show, and give value back to the community, while increasing your visibility and credibility as a thought leader in your industry.

Join our Social Media Groups 

Most of the community engagement happens in our social media groups. Please join as many as you like (below), and introduce yourself to the community.

  1. Introduce yourself to the community via one or all of the platforms below
  2. Share the problem that you solve for people
  3. Share what are looking to get out of the community
Facebook Logo

Facebook Group

Join community discussions and get notified about upcoming events.

Connect and collaborate with other business experts and learn business tips, techniques, and strategies from each other.

Alignable logo

Alignable Group

Join community discussions and meet like-minded business professionals.

Share your events, ask questions, and build collaborative partnerships.


WhatsApp Icon

WhatsApp Group

Join community discussions with like-minded business professionals around the world.

Build collaborative partnerships that could open the doors for oversees business.


Get Interviewed on
The Tech With Heart Show

Gold members receive a complimentary expert interview with founder, Michelle Calloway

Boost Your Credibility

Gain Online Visibility

Attract New Clients

Tech with Heart Network

Apply To Be Interviewed As The Expert Authority In Your Industry

Attract bigger and better clients by getting featured on Social Media, TV, News, Radio, and in Print.

It all begins with an expert interview.

Tech With Heart EMPOWER
Mastermind and Networking

Empower Tech With Heart Event

Join our monthly (virtual) mastermind and networking events on the second Wednesday of every month at 12pm PST.

We cover hot topics in open discussion format, inviting all to participate.

Basic and Gold Members are invited to present their area of expertise and give valuable business growth insights for our entrepreneurial audience.

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