How Can A.I. Help Your Business?​

You may have heard of artificial intelligence and immediately thought of robots, chat bots, or automation. Those are all good uses of A.I. and there are existing services that can be applied to your business systems to create efficiencies and increase production.

But there’s more to A.I. than business systems. Artificial intelligence, A.I., is a programming language that allows the software to learn without further human influence. It’s like teaching a child to ride a bike. Beyond the basics of balance and momentum, the child learns on their own how to steer clear of obstacles, accelerate, brake, and even do wheelies. With A.I., you have to interact with it and teach it to respond and act the way you want it to. The potential of A.I. is boundless and quite fascinating.

Have you ever wondered how you can use A.I. to create unique products or services in your business?  We are going to introduce you to someone who has done just that.

Set Free Your Human Potential With A.I.

Spirit & Glitch is a new fashion brand at the forefront of creativity and artificial intelligence (AI). The brand was created by artist and engineer Alex Maki-Jokela (who usually goes by “Maki”). Each design is a careful union of artist intention and machine-driven manipulations using neural networks.

Alex Maki-Jokela is an artist, engineer, and business owner who’s been exploring the edges of technical art, A.I., and human creativity for half of a decade. He’s currently the founder and CEO of Spirit & Glitch, an apparel brand that merges human creativity with A.I. to produce stunning leggings, shirts, and more. He shared with us one of his beautiful creations.

Alex shared his expertise on the following topics:

  1. How To Interact With  A.I. To Enhance Your Business
  2. How To Use A.I. to Compliment, Not Replace People
  3. How To Make A.I. Work For You

About Special Guest Alex Maki-Jokela

Alex Maki-Jokela-headshot

Maki is an artist, an engineer, and more than anything, an experience seeker. He’s worked in a lot of different engineering fields – industrial, mechanical, hardware, software, and over the past few years he’s been getting more and more interested in aesthetics and expression instead of just optimizing different flavors of machines. A year or so ago, it just felt more exciting to him to start working with clothing and all of the subtle dynamics and self-expression that come with it. he’s worked as an engineer all of my life, but people have always been more interesting to him than machines.

Maki designed and launched Spirit & Glitch as the world’s-first A.I. apparel line.  He

developed a unique semi-automated A.I. product design process integrating neural network algorithms with human creative flow. He was featured in a The Fashion Robot blog interview discussing the product development process and leveraging A.I. towards creativity.


About the Host, Michelle Calloway

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Michelle Calloway is a Speaker, Int’l Bestselling Author, and the Founder and CEO of REVEALiO, Inc., an innovative software solutions company specializing in augmented reality interactive experiences. She is driven to success in response to a calling she believes has been placed in her life. Her goal is to make augmented reality experiences accessible and affordable for everyone, to enhance human relationships, and empower business owners to have more impact, influence, and income.

Michelle combines her expertise in visual communication with the emerging world of augmented reality (AR). This cutting-edge technology overlays virtual content on top of real world objects when they are viewed through a mobile or wearable smart device.

She wants to share her inspirational story and teach the power of augmented reality video marketing to entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, marketing professionals, and print professionals. Her heart is to empower small businesses to gain the ultimate competitive advantage by captivating their audiences and influencing their buying decisions.

Learn more about REVEALiO – Augmented Reality Marketing

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