How To Gain Exposure For Your Business - Tech With Heart Interview With Colleen Biggs

Imagine gain exposure with clients and referral partners every time you speak, live or on video.

Everyone is clamoring to be seen online, so how can you make your spotlight the brightest?

By showing up!

Show up continuously at as many places possible.

Gaining massive exposure requires more discipline from you than time.

Networking is a great way to show up, however you need to approach networking with the intention of building relationships, not making sales.

Business growth often involves collaboration, by connecting and fostering a relationship with someone that generate sales for you.

Time is valuable, so select your networking groups and events based upon people that have similar interests, or provide services that are complimentary to you, so you can begin building collaborative partnerships.

Another great way to “Show Up” is to create video content daily that allows you to display your purpose and expertise, and allows others to get to know you, like you, and trust you, without you being there in person.

Creating a daily video doesn´t take more 10 minutes a day. The evergreen effect of video is priceless. It can begin converting interested leads into paying customers passively, essentially making you money while you sleep.

I recently interviewed speaker, author, and award-winning leader, Colleen Biggs, of Lead Up For Women, on the Tech With Heart Show.

We discussed tips on gain exposure so that you can attract more business and referral partnerships.

In this episode of Tech With Heart, you will learn about Gain Exposure

  • Where to find spotlights
  • How to leverage your time with spotlights
  • How to get more exposure

Show up often, and show up exactly who you are.

Let people get to know you personally by sharing a story or somehow creating a memorable moment.

Let people know why you do what you do. Then help them understand why your product or service is what they are looking for.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to refer you to someone that needs what you have.

Be open to rewarding people for referrals. It’s a win-win.

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Watch this interview and share with your colleagues.

This information will help you make the right steps toward gaining exposure for you and your business.

About Guest Colleen Biggs

Colleen Biggs headshot

Colleen Biggs is an Award-Winning Pioneer for Women and enjoys disrupting the status quote to empower women to take the bold steps to Lead Up in their lives and their businesses. 

She is an Acceleration Business Coach that supports women to move from Surviving to Thriving through strategic wealth building.

Colleen is an Author of the Best-Selling International Book: The Anatomy of Accomplishment. 

She is an elite podcast host, Lead Up for Women: Speak Up to Lead Up, has published two Journals on Amazon, and publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Lead Up for Women.

Colleen has extensive success and experience in Corporate America for over 30 years, coaching business launches with over 300 CEO’s and numerous project launches.

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