Tech With Heart Hosts rooms on Clubhouse every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm -2pm PST

The doors have swung wide open for business growth on the new elite mobile app platform known as Clubhouse.

In the middle of 2020, this new audio-only social networking platform emerged, and all of the big players have grabbed hold.

It is a mecca of guru greatness, offering knowledge bombs that will directly impact your personal development and business growth. I’m talking rapid growth.

These are the kinds of knowledge bombs that normally come with a $20 – $40K investment into a mastermind with multi-millionaires!

All made available for FREE!

Free to host your own room and start your own club!!!

It is revolutionizing the way we do business in a digital era.

Imagine being at a live event hosted by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Now imagine if you were able to raise your hand and come up on stage to interact with him in front of thousands in the crowd.

Would that be valuable to you?

The kicker is… it’s only for iPhone users, and it’s by invitation only. FOMO!

Tune in to this episode of Tech With Heart and learn how to get started on Clubhouse, and how to maximize the value of the platform to quickly grow your business.

How To Get On Clubhouse (iOS and Android)
  • Download the free Clubhouse app on your smartphone
  • Create a user name and you will be added to the waiting list
  • Let everyone you know that is currently on Clubhouse, that you are waiting to be let in.
What To Do Once You’re In
  • Complete your profile and select people and topics you are interested in following]
  • Complete your bio by selecting your profile picture in the upper right corner
    1. This is an important step before you start wandering around the rooms in the app.
    2. You need to connect your bio page to your Instagram and Twitter accounts
    3. Instagram is the only way people can DM (Direct Message) you from Clubhouse
  • Start joining rooms that look interesting and listen in from the audience.
  • Once you’ve seen some of the bigger influencer’s bios, you may want to revisit your bio (by tapping your profile pic in upper right corner), and make adjustments to ensure your top three lines will attract more engagement.
How To Speak On Stage
  • Once you enter a room, you will be placed in the audience.
  • If you would like to speak, tap on the “raise hand” icon in the lower right corner, and you may or may not be invited to the stage by a moderator.
  • If you do get invited to the stage, you will get a green notification at the top of the app that will give you a join or deny option.
  • If you opt-in to be a speaker, be sure to mute your microphone (lower right corner)
    immediately upon entering the stage. This helps cut down on background noise until you are called upon by the moderator to speak.
  • When you are called upon to speak, simply tap the microphone button (lower right corner of profile pic) and speak at normal volume.
  • Be concise with your intro, and get straight to your question, or comment. This will lead others to click on your profile pic to check out your bio, and follow you, and possibly DM you on Instagram.
  • Mute yourself when others are talking.
  • If the person that is speaking is saying something that you find highly valuable, or you want them to know you are in agreement, you can flash your microphone icon off and on so they can see you are interacting without interrupting them.
  • When you are done speaking, it is suggested you tap on your profile picture and move yourself back to the audience. You may be automatically removed from stage by a moderator.
How To Host A Room
  • You can create a room in two different ways:
    1. On the fly, by tapping the green “Start a room” button at the bottom of the screen when you are not in a room.
    2. Schedule a room in advance using the calendar icon in the upper menu of the app.
  • Pay attention to the titles of other rooms that have a lot of people. Create a title for your topic that will resonate and attract others to join you.
  • Be sure to enter a title and a description so that it will be clear what people can expect when entering the room.
  • If possible, invite someone you know that will compliment your topic to be a co-moderator with you. Moderators are the only ones that can control the room by inviting people up on stage, mute speakers, or remove people from the room.
  • Once the meeting is over, tap on the three buttons on the upper right of the room to officially close the room
  • The more rooms you host, the more invites you will get to bring more friends and colleagues into the Clubhouse.
    How To Get the Most Benefit From Clubhouse
    1. Connect with leaders and influencers that are already at the level you want to be at in their business. Listen to them as often as you can
    2. Strategize and plan to moderate your own room as often as you can.
    3. Be consistent
    4. Over-deliver value
    5. Invite friends and colleagues
    6. Be Authentic
    7. Ask questions
    8. Compliment others
    9. Be gracious
    10. Follow up with those that message you
    Clubhouse Etiquette (Don’t get kicked out)
    • Be real. Be authentic. Give value. Don’t be salesy, or make false promises
    • Be selective as to who you invite in to the app. If they get removed, for poor conduct, so will you.

    To get a deeper scoop on the ins and outs, here is the Clubhouse official guide.
    To avoid getting kicked out of Clubhouse, follow these Community Guidelines.

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