How Your Business Card Can Tell A Story And Make A Deeper Connection

Augmented Reality brings everyday objects to life, and the conversion rates cannot be ignored

Ordinary Business Cards

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I got an email from Tracy Hazzard, Inc. Columnist, stating that she wanted to do an interview with REVEALiO to discuss practical use case applications for augmented reality. There is a buzz around augmented reality (AR), some are calling it a revolutionary technology. Tracy wanted to write about how everyday consumers can begin using AR to help grow their business. Then she found REVEALiO – AR Marketing and wanted to learn more.Click here to read entire Inc. article

Michelle Calloway, Founder and CEO of REVEALiO, Inc. has created a simple and affordable, yet highly effective use case of augmented reality as a marketing tool. REVEALiO puts the power of content creation into the hands of the customer by focusing on utilizing video overlays rather than sophisticated 3D interactivity for the end-user experience with AR.


Business owners can use REVEALiO’s AR Marketing tool to promote themselves and their brand by making physical promotional objects and images (like a business card) COME ALIVE with virtual content such as a video and call-to-action buttons. Click to learn more…

Enhancing Human Connection

REVEALiO was originally designed to enhance human relationships on a personal level through interactive greeting cards. Now that same power of connection is available for business owners to positively interact with and influence their customer base.

Bridging the interactivity of augmented reality with the demonstrative power of video is quickly proving to be a disruptive way to gain people’s attention, influence their buying decisions, and instantly convert new leads. This combination of technologies taps into all four dominant learning styles, therefore resonating with the majority of people on some level.

Tracy Hazzard

Tracy Hazzard Inc. Columnist

“I loved interviewing Michelle Calloway because she isn’t in some space age building on a campus housing 3+million square feet of office space. This is a team of people, passionate about creating a new and seemingly magical way for people to stay connected, feel loved, and express themselves. By marrying the physical world to the virtual world of endless digital content.”     Click to read entire article

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