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Andrea believes that an organized life can significantly decrease stress in an inevitably stressful life. Born and raised in the Washington, DC Metro area, she graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Maryland at College Park. Andrea spent almost 15 years in the fields of government HR, administration, and non-profit accounting. She uses her knowledge and experience to create processes and systems for her clients.

Since the start of her business in 2010, she works with her team to help Dexterous Organizing’s busy professionals and families with strategy, implementation, and (for those who are open to creating positive change) organizing coaching. Whatever their clients are going through the Dexterous Organizing Team can provide just the right touch.

When she’s not running the business, she’s in her volunteer ministry, reading and studying to improve her life (and a little for pleasure), traveling, and enjoying new and favored delicious food and drink. She also enjoys watching a good movie on the couch with her husband and Yorkie at home in Alexandria.