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Dr. Melissa Balizan has a passion for health and working with clients who are looking for better choices.

As an author and speaker, she educates on women’s health, self-care, and stress management showing you have a voice and a choice when it comes to your health.

As a consultant and concierge pharmacist, she serves as an advocate for your health and medicine needs with 21 years of healthcare experience combing eastern and western medicine. Her focus is serving others by empowering them to optimize their health.

Dr. Melissa looks at the whole picture of health; physical, mental, and spiritual while walking alongside you on your health journey. The primary focus is on making a difference in your life one simple step at a time so that you can have a better quality of life.

Dr. Melissa is an expert in women’s health, stress management, anxiety reduction, depression, and pain management. She uses her pharmaceutical training and knowledge of medications, supplements, nutrition, physical and mental health as she guides you on your health journey.

She empowers women to make informed health decisions, allowing them to have a voice and a choice. The reduction of the prevalent and chronic conditions has enhanced the life span of many of her clients.