Innovation That Sets Your Event Apart - A Tech With Heart Interview with Rachel LeRoy

Are Your Customers Raving About You?


Creating a fun, pleasurable, and fulfilling experience will win hearts, open wallets, and keep them coming back for more!


In today’s highly competitive event market, for both virtual and in-person events, it is imperative that you leave visitors feeling pleased and highly satisfied.


Getting attendees to return to your events, and bring a group of their friends, is one of the easiest and most cost-effective lead generation methods.


What are you doing differently that sets your event apart from the others?


What innovative thing can you do, say, or give, that would take your event up a few notches from a normal, typical event experience?


When it comes to using technology to enhance an event, I am very impressed with how innovative tech founder, Rachel LeRoy, came up with a solution that enhances a guest’s overall experience at the event location.


You can learn more about Rachel LeRoy’s invention, HipMaps, in this Tech With Heart interview with host, Michelle Calloway.


In the interview, Rachel shares how she came up with her innovative idea, and how she now plans to enhance events for travelers all over the world with her HipMaps tool.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to think innovatively
  • How to differentiate your product or service to be better than your competitors
  • How to implement and distribute your solution

If you enjoy traveling to live events in areas that you are new to, I highly recommend you introduce the event planner to HipMaps.

It’s the little things that really resonate with people and creates the memorable impression that inspires them to share the word for the next event.

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About Guest Rachel LeRoy

Rachel LeRoy headshot - a white woman with long, light brown hair

Rachel LeRoy is an innovative, thought leader, and founder of HipMaps, and mom to the cutest beagle in the world.


HipMaps is a custom map designer who uses a fresh approach to bring joy through personalized maps for any occasion.


Rachel specializes in maps where hosts share their favorite places to eat, drink, and play and Rachel creates their personal map in their style. Hosts share their custom map with guests via HipMaps’ free smartphone app, where guests see their location right on the custom map.


These personal and informative maps are great for vacation rental homes, inns & lodges, business events, retreats, conferences, weddings, reunions, real estate professionals & more.


Rachel is based in Sonoma, California and makes maps all over the world. Fun visuals can be found at

HipsMaps offers recommended hotspots from venue hosts

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