Interactive Brainstorming Technology For Teams – A Tech With Heart Interview with Lisa Rothstein

Aug 24, 2021News

Interactive Brainstorming Technology for Teams with Lisa Rothstein

Meetings can feel boring and unproductive.

Inc. reports that 46% of all business professionals feel that meetings are a waste of time.

How can business leaders make team meetings and brainstorming sessions more impactful and productive?

Make them interactive.

Give everyone a voice.

Visually demonstrate concepts.

Use whiteboard technology.

Michelle Calloway, founder of the Tech With Heart nonprofit recently interviewed CEO of Drawing Out Your Genius, Lisa Rothstein, on the Tech With Heart Show. She demonstrated multiple techniques that business leaders can incorporate into their meetings that could make a huge difference in communication and productivity for their company.

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In this interview you will learn how to:
  1. Solve tough problems, generate big ideas, and move your business forward fast by transforming boring team meetings into dynamic interactive workshops.
  2. Ditch traditional Zoom meetings and use a workshop model instead where everyone contributes and generates real results.
  3. Allow all meeting participants to collaborate through visual white boards, and make them feel seen, heard, and valued. A balanced brainstorming environment for both introverts and extroverts to share ideas and thoughts.

Step away from problem-solving meetings with action plans and assignments that everyone sees and understands. No more wasting time in meetings with no actionable results.

Learn more about interactive team brainstorming platforms from CEO of Drawing Out Your Genius, Lisa Rothstein at

About Lisa Rothstein

Headshot of Lisa Rothstein

Lisa Rothstein is a former Madison Avenue advertising agency associate creative director/copywriter on brands such as IBM and Unilever.

She is currently a cartoonist for The New Yorker Magazine and a visual/verbal strategist, graphic synthesizer, and creative catalyst for innovative companies in the technology and consumer packaged goods space.

Her company, Drawing Out Your Genius™ supports organizations in making meetings more engaging, productive, and memorable, simplifying complex topics, mapping out and transmitting new strategies, inspiring staff and customer enthusiasm, and accelerating change through the power of visual and verbal communication.

When she’s not helping clients envision a new product feature or messaging campaign, she leads workshops in doodling for better communication, collaboration, and creative thinking, and has presented at such events as Adobe 99U, the BackEnd of Innovation conference and Merck Product Manager Day.

A native New Yorker, Lisa spent 12 years as a creative director in European ad agencies and speaks fluent French. She is an INIFAC (International Institute of Facilitation) Certified Virtual Facilitator™

and a certified Design Sprint Facilitator. Lisa holds a degree in Semiotics from Brown University. She is based in San Diego, California.

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