Interactive Video That Responds To Questions – A Tech With Heart Interview with Heather Smith

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Interactive Videos That Respond To Questions - A Tech With Heart Interview with Heather Smith

Imagine a visitor lands on a business website and the founder is there to greet them in person, without actually being there in person. The founder is present as a virtual version of themselves. This type of authentic interaction could help build a quicker connection between the company and the potential customer.

What if a potential customer had questions? As a business owner, imagine being available 24/7 to immediately answer questions from visitors, without them having to dig around for an FAQ page on the website. This would likely increase sales dramatically.

The reality is that people respond better to people than they do to chatbots, or cartoony avatars trying to represent a human being.

There is a new technology on the market that is sure to take storytelling, and human interaction in an online world to new heights!

Tech With Heart Foundation 501(c)(3) focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to embrace technologies that will set them apart, while focusing on enhancing human connection.

That Is why Media & Technology Strategist, and host of the Tech With Heart Show, Michelle Calloway, interviewed Heather Smith, Chief Visionary Officer of Storyfile, an AI Conversational Video Tool, about this cutting-edge technology that will radically improve a company’s interactive capabilities with potential customers online.

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“People will remember how you made them feel, so why not impress the socks off of them while also providing valuable insights at the same time?”

In this interview, you will learn:

1. How and why Storyfile – an interactive video tool was created

2. How businesses can utilize the power of Storyfile to provide an authentic human connection feel on their websites, training, customer service centers, etc.

3. The power of visibility and business growth that follows an association with an influencer or celebrity that believes wholeheartedly in your product or service.

Experience Storyfile for yourself and interact with celebrity actor, William Shatner from the hit TV show, Star Trek (the original).


Storyfile Try It Out Talk to William Shatner - William Shatner sitting in a chair with hands together

Click here to ask William Shatner questions, and get a feel for what this interactive, conversational video tool can do for your online business!

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About Guest Heather Smith

Headshot of Heather Smith - woman with long brown hair wearing white blouse

As the Chief Visionary Officer, Heather Smith is paving the way for a new generation of storytelling.

Heather’s love for storytelling was born when she found herself creating Holocaust remembrance exhibits that traveled to Jewish Community Centers across the country and even to the United Nations.

She believed the stories of Holocaust survivors were so important to capture for generations to come that she began to reimagine the storytelling experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Heather saw video as the new medium for human interaction long before FaceTime chats existed.

With a passion for the project, Heather set out to create Conversa, the AI engine that drives the StoryFile platform where people can talk to a pre-recorded video as if the individual is there in front of them.

 Imagine interviewing your grandma and having her answer hundreds of questions on video. Fast forward thirty years. Your kid picks up your phone, opens the StoryFile app, and finds your grandma’s profile. A video of your grandma comes up. Your kid asks, “Grandma, where were you born?” … and then grandma from the comfort of her favorite chair in her actual voice and honest facial responses ANSWERS!

StoryFile is a storytelling app that changes the way we view AI and how we preserve the stories of our loved ones. It is Heather who holds the vision clear for our future. With little to no technology background – Heather is pioneering the way we interact! This technology can be applied to the way we connect with family and is already beginning to shape how we approach business and education.

Try Storyfile for yourself, your family, or your business. Click here to get started.

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