Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners – A Tech With Heart Interview with Main Street Marketing

Oct 3, 2023Marketing, News, Small Business, TWH Show

Local SEO Tips For Small Business Owners - A Tech With Heart Interview with Main St Marketing

Small business owners face the challenge with differentiating themselves from other webpages in the digital realm. Having an online presence is a vital player in business success, as it makes it easier for potential customers, clients, and partners to discover and understand a business’s value. 

In order for small businesses to be more discoverable and stand out, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can help, especially local SEO strategies. Local SEO strategies refer to how small business owners can rank higher in their local area when keywords related to their business are searched for on search engines like Google and Bing.

In a recent interview on the Tech With Heart Show, Sydnee Stevenson and Chris Sheppard from Main Street Marketing provided valuable local SEO insights that any small business owner can implement on their own to increase their overall discoverability online.

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Significance of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Potential customers frequently turn to Google and other search engines to find out what they need. SEO is about connecting business with local search terms. These customers search for terms such as “near me” while in a certain city. Small business owners want their businesses to be discoverable online, and being at the top of search results can make a difference in attracting customers.

Unlike global searches where you could be competing with businesses from around the world, local SEO targets users in your vicinity actively seeking your services or products. It’s about being prevalent and relevant in these localized searches

“We want business owners to walk away knowing that SEO isn’t complicated—it just comes down to helping Google understand what your business is about.” Sydnee Stevenson – co-owner of Main Street Marketing

SEO Journey Through Business Profiles

SEO is far more straightforward than small business owners may realize. Creating a Google Business Profile is not only convenient but easy to accomplish. Sydnee and Chris recommend starting with Google, as it is the frontrunner in the search engine world.

Google business profiles include business descriptions, services offered, and even a section to include satisfied customer reviews. These profiles are not just a listing, they can be a powerful tool that can significantly boost local SEO attraction.

Online presence can be solidified through other business profiles such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog, and Brown Book. By using these directories, entrepreneurs will create relevance throughout multiple platforms, which will ultimately lead to more customer attraction and enhanced SEO efforts. 

Content Marketing with SEO

Successful content marketing addresses the questions and concerns of potential customers. For example, a drywall repair company would consider questions such as “How to patch a drywall?”. Build content based on the questions customers may ask or research online.

Small business owners looking to boost their online presence through content marketing should consider several key SEO tips: 

    • Optimizing your website with well-written blogs, informative web page content, and clear service offerings can significantly improve your search engine ranking
    • Images enhance SEO
        • Image alt descriptions enhance user experience for those with visual disabilities, but also add valuable SEO keywords
        • Through optimized backlinks and title tags
    • Backlinks to other resources within the business’ website and outside of it can establish authority in its niche
    • Owning website URLs provides brand control 

About Guest Main Street Marketing

Sydnee Stevenson

Headshot of Sydnee Stevenson wearing black top

Sydnee Stevenson is not just a local SEO strategist; she’s a passionate advocate for small businesses. As the co-owner of Main Street Marketing, a boutique agency specializing in small business marketing, Sydnee leverages her expertise to help local businesses thrive online. Born into a business-oriented family, Sydnee developed a deep understanding of the triumphs and trials of running a small business at a young age. Her father, a two-time home service franchise owner, gave her front-row seats to the world of entrepreneurship, sparking a passion for small businesses and a desire to serve them. Today, Sydnee translates this passion into action by providing tailored SEO strategies that help small businesses improve their online visibility, attract more customers, and compete effectively in their local markets.

Chris Sheppard

Headshot of Chris Sheppard - wearing grey dress shirt

Chris Sheppard is a seasoned digital marketing professional with over a decade of expertise and knowledge in the field. With a passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital landscape, Chris has honed his skills in various aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, content strategy, and pay-per-click advertising. Known for his strategic mindset and innovative approach, Chris has successfully implemented result-driven campaigns for numerous clients across diverse industries. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, Chris remains committed to staying ahead of the latest trends and technologies to deliver exceptional results for his clients.

Together, Sydnee and Chris are passionate about helping business owners understand the fundamentals of SEO. It really isn’t complicated, and having that knowledge enables business owners to be in a more confident position whether they want to do their SEO in-house or hire someone else to help with it.

Main Street Marketing is offering a free strategy call to all Tech With Heart members and small business audiences, to really dig into what SEO could look like for their business.

Reach out to them at Hello@WeAreMainStreet.com 

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