How To Make More Money As a Coach – A Tech With Heart Interview with Jason Reid

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Make money as a coach with Jason Reid - interview on the Tech With Heart Show

Many professional coaches are great at coaching, but not so great at making money at it if they own their own business. This article aims to remedy this scenario so that professional coaches can put business practices in place that will help them generate more revenue, reduce stress, and increase retention rates as coaching programs come to an end.

Generating leads, converting prospects into loyal clients, streamlining workflows, and increasing sales are potential challenges for professional coaches in various fields. Crafting marketing strategies that not only stand out but also resonate deeply with the target audience adds another layer of complexity that many coaches are not equipped to implement. Moreover, the integration of technology into coaching practices is an evolving challenge that coaches must navigate to stay relevant in a rapidly changing landscape.

In this episode of the Tech With Heart Show, Profit and Revenue Business Coach, Jason Reid, provides tips, techniques and proven strategies for coaches to generate more money in today’s coaching industry.

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In this interview, you will learn:

  • How to attract the right clients through creating a target avatar/persona
  • How to use certain systems within a coaching business that will create efficiencies, workflows, and reduce overall stress
  • How to create ongoing value after coaching programs end to keep revenue from dipping

Challenges Coaches Face

In a crowded market, effective marketing is not just a matter of visibility but a process of creating genuine connections. Coaches must delve into the personas of their target audience, understanding their unique needs, aspirations, and pain points. Crafting personalized marketing strategies becomes an art, weaving a narrative that not only attracts but resonates, forging a lasting connection that transcends the boundaries of coaching sessions.

As technology continues to shape industries, coaches are faced with the challenge of incorporating innovative tools into their traditional practices. The integration of technology is not merely a matter of adopting new tools, it requires a thoughtful approach to seamlessly weave tech solutions into the fabric of coaching. This dynamic balance ensures that the human touch in coaching is not compromised but rather enhanced by the efficiency and accessibility that technology affords.

Creating an Avatar

Coaches can begin by creating a vivid avatar, an in-depth profile of their ideal customer or client. This involves not only demographic details but a profound understanding of psychographics and the unique challenges faced by clients. The conversion formula then comes into play, a strategic blend of captivating, fascinating, and educating potential clients, guiding them through a transformative buyer’s journey.

Develop Messaging Using a Conversion Formula

To captivate, fascinate, and ultimately educate potential clients, coaches should employ a dynamic strategy that involves interrupting the norm, engaging audiences, and presenting compelling offers. The process begins by identifying the core problem that the coaching services aim to solve. This is not just about recognizing a general need but delving deep into the specific pain points and challenges faced by the target audience.

The next step involves finding others who can uniquely relate to and understand the identified problem. Building a connection with individuals who resonate with the client’s experiences fosters a sense of relatability and trust. This creates a foundation for meaningful engagement, establishing a shared understanding of the challenges at hand.

Lastly, coaches should craft a compelling message that not only addresses the client’s problem but also guides them seamlessly through the buyer’s journey. This journey is more than a transactional process; it’s an immersive experience where the client feels understood, supported, and empowered to take the necessary steps towards personal growth and transformation.

When presenting an offer, the emphasis should be on value rather than a mere discount. Instead of a generic reduction in price, coaches should provide an offer that adds immediate value and resonates with the client’s needs. This strategic approach ensures that the client sees the tangible benefits of the coaching services and feels motivated to accept the offer on the spot. In essence, it’s about creating a compelling narrative that not only solves the client’s problem but also makes them an active participant in their own journey of positive change.

About Guest Jason Reid

Headshot of Jason Reid - male wearing navy suit with red shirt smiling

Jason Reid is an Executive and Strategic Business Leader with established record and true passion for defining vision and guiding early stage, as well as mid-cap and large companies to dynamic expansion and growth.

He leverages reliable instincts, repeatable strategies and abilities to quickly sum up business needs, formulate a plan, and execute to achieve rapid growth, strengthen revenue, profit, market share and solidify competitive advantage. He has a unique, valuable blend of business development, sales leadership, financial, technology, and entrepreneurial experience.

Jason’s Past Experience:

  • Launched, sold, and run multiple SaaS businesses solving everyday problems in the compliance space.
  • Launched technology company at the forefront of leading-edge wearables technology; raised $1.6 million and earned coverage on the Today Show, Wendy Williams Show, and in Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and others.
  • Negotiated/won a $20+ million, multi-year contract with a major hospital system; partnered with IBM to outsource IT organization, laying the groundwork for a $350 million Cerner business.
  • Generated $45+ million in multi-year deals by developing a model to bundle technology solutions, services, and maintenance contracts in a single-fee model, enabling clients to implement technology upgrades while reducing costs.

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