The Value of Never Missing A Business Call – A Tech With Heart Interview with Patrick Smith

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Never Miss a Business Call Again - a Tech With Heart Interview with Patrick Smith

Missed Calls Are Hidden Opportunities Waiting to Be Discovered

In the digital age, the significance of missed calls in the business landscape is often underestimated. With a staggering 64% of potential customers calling after finding a business online and up to 45% of incoming calls being missed, it’s clear that every unanswered call is a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed. This blog post delves into the untapped potential of missed calls and outlines strategies for transforming them into opportunities for growth, customer engagement, and sales.

64% of people will make a phone call after they search for a service

First Impressions Count

The initial contact point between a business and its customers is pivotal. Missed calls can equate to lost business opportunities. Ensuring a professional first impression, therefore, is not just important—it’s essential. Responding promptly to missed calls not only builds trust but also demonstrates to customers that their needs are a priority. This foundational trust is crucial for fostering a successful customer-business relationship.

Missed calls with no reply back can make the potential customer think the business is closed, or no longer in business.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Responding quickly to missed calls is about more than just salvaging a potential missed opportunity; it’s about building lasting relationships. Demonstrating commitment to service fosters customer loyalty and encourages repeat business. By employing strategies such as interactive text/chat response systems or offering incentives for missed calls, businesses can significantly enhance customer participation and satisfaction.

Every call is an opportunity to show customers that their needs are a priority

Automation Maximizes Efficiency

In the quest to capitalize on every missed call, automation plays a key role. Automated tools and call tracking software streamline the missed call process, enabling businesses to categorize and prioritize calls effectively. By optimizing workflows, businesses ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks, thereby maximizing the benefits of missed calls.

Customers value businesses that are attentive and responsive

The Tech With Heart Foundation simplifies technology concepts for small business owners, so they can be competitive in a rapidly changing digital era. In this episode of the Tech With Heart Show, Media and Technology Strategist, Michelle Calloway interviews Digital Marketing Consultant, Patrick Smith, who provides many insights that can help small business owners leverage text/chat automation to increase engagement and communication with potential customers when they are unable to pick up the incoming phone call.

Watch Interview

In this interview, you will learn:

  • The impact of lost opportunities that occur when business calls are not immediately responded to
  • How technology and automation can open the doors for discussion with callers even when a human is not available to take the call in the moment
  • How missed-call, text-back mobile technology integrates with many popular direct messaging platforms (all communication funnels into one channel)

Personalizing Customer Interaction

Missed calls represent a unique chance to personalize customer interactions. Tailoring text responses to fit individual customer needs can significantly enhance the customer experience, leaving a lasting impression. Utilizing missed call data to create customized solutions exemplifies a business’s dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Personalizing a response to a missed call creates a lasting impression on customers.

Driving Sales

Immediate response to missed calls can open the door to increased sales and revenue. Following up on missed calls with special offers or promotions can convert potential leads into successful sales, proving that every missed call is indeed a potential sale waiting to happen.

Timely callbacks or text engagement can turn missed opportunities into successful sales.

Value of a Missed Call

Recognizing the cost of missed calls to your business is the first step toward transformation. Tools like the missed call cost calculator

Value of a missed business call chart demonstrates how many of the unanswered calls could have turned into a sale.

Get An Estimate Of How Much Your Missed Calls Are Costing You

  • Enter the average lifetime value of a customer
  • Enter an estimate of how many calls you miss per month
  • Enter the rate at which you close new sales
  • Hit Calculate and we’ll show you how much money we can make you!

Analyzing Performance

Monitoring and analyzing missed call data offers invaluable insights into business performance, guiding strategic decision-making. This ongoing performance analysis is vital for continuous improvement. 

Metrics such as call volume, response time, and customer satisfaction are key performance indicators.

Customer Feedback Loop

Additionally, treating missed calls as a customer feedback mechanism allows businesses to act on the feedback received, closing the loop for continuous service improvement.

Listening to customers through missed call messaging is a powerful tool for growth.

Never Lose Business to a Missed Call Again!

The advent of technologies such as My Biz Suite transforms every missed call into an opportunity for text message conversation, ensuring businesses never lose out due to an unanswered call. This innovative approach allows for immediate customer engagement, even when a call cannot be answered in real time.

Turn every missed call into a text message conversation

How Missed-Call, Text-Back Automations Work:

  • With My Biz Suite technology, every unanswered call is instantly sent a text message which encourages them to either respond or click a link to schedule a call.
  • When they reply, a push notification from within the My Biz Suite mobile app, where you can continue the conversation.

In conclusion, missed calls are much more than just lost connections; they are opportunities for growth, engagement, and sales. By adopting the strategies outlined above, businesses can ensure that every call—answered or missed—is a step towards success.

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About Guest Patrick Smith

Side headshot of Patrick Smith - male wearing blue shirt and red tie wearing glasses smiling

Patrick Smith is an innovative business coach, speaker, and author, focusing on empowering small business owners to embrace smart digital marketing practices so they can grow and maintain a competitive advantage in oversaturated marketplaces.

Patrick has been a small business owner since 1989 and is the Owner of OnlineViz a full-service digital marketing company focused on local business growth. Patrick is certified as a Retargeting Specialist and is finding ways to make retargeting affordable for small business owners.

Known as the RV Digital Nomad – Patrick is a full-time RVer traveling around the US, coaching other RVers that love to travel while working, on how to effectively make extra money anywhere they park.

Schedule a free consultation with Patrick here.

My Biz Suite (Automations)

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