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Media Exposure Opportunities

Turn your unknown brand into a household name in record time without spending a fortune.  

Michelle Calloway, CEO of an innovative software solutions company called REVEALiO, has just opened the door to affordable mass exposure through the Tech With Heart Network and TV Show.

Michelle has been featured in Inc. Magazine, and praised by Kevin Harrington, of ABC’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, for providing small business owners with a unique differentiator that creates powerful organic conversions.

Take advantage of our exclusive multi-media exposure packages to become known everywhere.


Imagine the value of being positioned as a thought leader, and be recognized everywhere you go.

The Tech With Heart Network provides you high level exposure over multiple media channels that are guaranteed to get you noticed and instantly position you as a thought leader in your industry.

 • Be featured on major news networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.

 • Increase your exposure to audiences of 10,000 – 5,000,000 just by saying YES

 • Have news influencers reaching out to interview you and share your story with the world


This incredible opportunity is not available to everyone. There is an Application and Assessment Process that includes a 15 minute consultation prior to being approved to participate in our Media Packages below.

The Application Fee is Only $197

There is no risk on your part because the entire Application Fee is fully refundable if you do not qualify. The fee will be applied toward your media package upon acceptance. 

Media Exposure Packages

Expert Interview

Instant Credibility

Interview With Irina Kurtsevaya

Gain instant credibility and visibility as a thought leader and authority in your industry. Share your story and your product/ service in a professional interview setting that attracts new clients and influences their buying decisions. Just think about the long term benefit as the recorded interview circulates the internet drawing in new customers for years to come.

More …

• (1) 30 minute Facebook Live Broadcast on the Tech With Heart Facebook Group Page

 • Recorded interview will be published on the Tech With Heart YouTube Page.

 . **BONUS** 30 day trial of REVEALiO’s Interactive Branded Experience 


Social Media Blast

Increase Exposure


Broadcast your message to people that need what you have to offer but didn’t know you existed. Imagine having a new stream of customers coming to you, thankful to have found you as the solution to their problem. Leverage other people’s influence to increase your reach. People need what you have! It’s time to get your message out there.

More …

• (3) Social media posts with image/or video and keyword hashtags shared to all major Social Media channels

• (2) Email Blasts

• (2) Blog Posts

 . **BONUS** 30 day trial of REVEALiO’s Interactive Branded Experience 




Network News Logos

Be seen as an overnight success and authority in your industry as news professionals and industry influencers share your message on their news networks. Leverage the influential power of “As Featured On CBS.”

Watch the floodgates open as Google and Yahoo generate new leads for you on an ongoing basis. Increase your visibility and expand your reach to get new clients swarming to you like bees to honey!

More …

• (1) Published professionally written press release or article • Hundreds of media partner websites (ABC, NBC, etc.)

• Industry specific influencers

• Industry-curated Twitter feeds

• Influential blogger networks

 . **BONUS** 30 day trial of REVEALiO’s Interactive Branded Experience l





Be seen on TV and instantly elevate your credibility and authority in the eyes of up to 1 million viewers. 70% of Americans view streaming TV content, and those numbers are increasing every day.

Not only will viewers see you as a celebrity business professional and expert in your industry, they will also hear you while driving home from work on our streaming sister radio show.

Join the ranks of influencers like Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey. Blast the air waves with your expertise and influence and watch people flock to you in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

More …

20 Minute Infomercial on TV via Roku and Amazon Fire 

 • 30 Second Commercial on TV via Roku and Amazon Fire 

 • 30 Second Commercial on Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Alexa

 . Syndicated Press Release to ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS

 . **BONUS** 30 day trial of REVEALiO’s Interactive Branded Experience 




Forbes CoverFortune CoverEntrepreneur CoverWired Cover

Explode your results fast. Go from unknown to seen everywhere, by combining the power of Social Media, Major News Networks, TV, Radio, and National Print Publications all at once.

 Enter the homes of millions with this exclusive opportunity to be broadcast over the airwaves and published in nationally acclaimed business magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Wired, etc.

 Gain credibility and celebrity status with business professionals everywhere as you demonstrate your unquestioned authority. People will be banging down your door to do business with you.

More …


• Expert Interview

• Social Media Blast

 • Press Explosion

 • TV Show and Radio Broadcast

• (1) Full page ad in local distribution of (1) national magazine such as Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Wired, etc.

 . **BONUS** 30 day trial of REVEALiO’s Interactive Branded Experience 



All Media Packages Come With A BONUS Eye-Bulging, Jaw-Dropping Interactive Branded Experience