Strategies To Make More Money as a Professional Coach – A Tech With Heart Training Series with Jason Reid

Nov 30, 2023Business Growth, Marketing, News, relationship marketing, sales, Small Business, Technology for Business, TWH Show

Why am I not making more money as a coach? Learn how to earn the money and freedom you deserve

Are you a professional coach striving to make more money, reduce stress, and gain more freedom from your business? 

Professional coaches go into business because they have valuable insights and resources that will positively impact someone’s life or career. They want to help. The effort they put into coaching others doesn’t always translate into financial freedom for them, but it can with the right knowledge, and systems in place. 

Tech With Heart Foundation empowers small business owners to embrace technologies, systems, and strategies to keep them competitive in a rapidly changing online digital world. One of the methods in which they empower business owners is through virtual enlightenment and empower events.

Profit and Revenue Coach, Jason Reid, offers a tailored educational series to empower coaches with strategies to keep customers coming in and revenue going up. Through this educational series, professional coaches learn the formula for crafting compelling marketing messages that set them apart, and attract high-quality clients. Coaches walk away with the tools to harness the power of systems and automation that make life easier with improved efficiency, reduced workloads, and increased revenue.

In This Three Part Coaching Series You Will Learn:

  • How to find your ideal niche
  • Understand your customers and create buyer personas
  • Marketing Conversion Formula that will increase sales
  • The power of marketing automation and CRM Systems 
  • How to leverage referral programs
  • Setting goals and tracking metrics
  • How to continue to add value after coaching program ends so that your revenue doesn’t dip

Conversion Formula

In the dynamic marketing landscape, Jason’s Conversion Formula is a verified sensational tool for engaging with customers effectively. This formula ensures coaches connect with their audience at the right place and the right time, reducing buyer fatigue and increasing chances of success. 

The Conversion Formula consists of four critical parts –
Captivate, Fascinate, Educate, and Close – as a roadmap to success. 

Improve business websites, LinkedIn profiles, social media accounts, and Google Business profiles with one easy formula, ensuring a consistent and compelling experience for potential customers. 

Jason’s Conversion Formula transforms visitors into leads, and ultimately into paying customers. Harness the power of this formula to revolutionize customer engagement strategy.

Access Training and Conversion Formula

Watch the replay of Jason Reid’s Coaching Series and view the Conversion Formula

About Jason Reid 

Headshot of Jason Reid - male wearing navy suit with red shirt smiling

Jason Reid is an Executive and Strategic Business Leader with an established record and true passion for defining vision and guiding early stage, as well as mid-cap and large companies to dynamic expansion and growth. 

He leverages reliable instincts, repeatable strategies, and abilities to quickly sum up business needs, formulate a plan, and execute to achieve rapid growth, strengthen revenue, profit, market share and solidify competitive advantage. He has a unique, valuable blend of business development, sales leadership, financial, technology, and entrepreneurial experience.

Jason’s Past Experience:

  • Launched, sold, and ran multiple SaaS businesses solving everyday problems in the compliance space. 
  • Launched technology company at the forefront of leading-edge wearables technology; raised $1.6 million and earned coverage on the Today Show, Wendy Williams Show, and in Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and others. 
  • Negotiated/won a $20+ million, multi-year contract with a major hospital system; partnered with IBM to outsource IT organization, laying the groundwork for a $350 million Cerner business. 
  • Generated $45+ million in multi-year deals by developing a model to bundle technology solutions, services, and maintenance contracts in a single-fee model, enabling clients to implement technology upgrades while reducing costs.

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