Online Accessibility: Are You Open for Business? – A Tech With Heart Interview with Daniel Hodges

Aug 3, 2021Business Growth, News, tech with heart, TWH Show

Online Accessibility - Is Your Business Open? - Tech With Heart Interview with Daniel Hodges

What business owners don’t know CAN hurt them, and Tech With Heart does not want to see that happen.

Business owners must comply with certain laws to protect them, their employees, their customers, and their potential customers.

Accessibility is required by law for all businesses, no matter the size.

Most business owners think of accessibility as it relates to a physical storefront location with handicapped parking, and ramp access, but accessibility goes much further than that in an online world.

Unfortunately, when most businesses had their online website/storefront created, online accessibility wasn’t in the design plan. This is still shockingly true with modern-day website development.

Michelle Calloway recently interviewed accessibility advocate, Daniel Hodges, who is legally blind, about the issues that face disabled consumers when trying to do business online.

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What a business owner will learn from this interview:

  • Online accessibility is not a marketing problem; it is required by law. Take it seriously.
  • The business owner is responsible for providing online accessibility, not the web designer.
  • Technology has made major advancements to address online accessibility, but it still needs a business owner’s involvement.
  • How artificial intelligence can resolve some of the issues and make it appear as though the business owner is trying to comply with ADA regulations.

Daniel shares that most disabled consumers would prefer to never bring up the idea of a lawsuit in order to gain access to online content they have a legal right to access. They simply want to be considered and included.

Business owners need to treat this issue as seriously as their business license, because ignorance will not protect them from a hefty lawsuit. Online consumers and business owners are all in this together.

What can a business owner do to begin the process of becoming compliant online?

Start by applying an ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) accessible widget on your website.

Go to and apply for the widget.

  • The free version will bring a website up to 50% compliance
  • The paid version will bring a website up to 95% compliance

Please reach out to Tech With Heart to discuss various ADA compliant options at 

About Guest Daniel Hodges

Daniel Hodges Headshot

Daniel Hodges, JD, is an activist dedicated to assisting others with disabilities and chronic illnesses reach their full potential. While in law school, Daniel founded Peaces of Me Foundation; a nonprofit that promotes universal access and inclusion.

Daniel’s perspective has been shaped by his experience as a blind man with chronic pain and other conditions. He has spent a lifetime surpassing the low expectations placed before him, and his personal calling is to help others do the same.

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