Short Talks TV Showcase featuring Michelle Calloway

We all have the potential to shine like diamonds and attract all that we are meant to have and more.

I am incredibly excited to share with you that today is the day that my message of PSI, (Purpose, Story, and Impact) – How To Shine and Grow Your Business Under Pressure, is being featured on a NEW TV Channel called, Short Talks TV, available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, as well as many audio-only platforms.

The reason I am so excited about this BIG visibility opportunity, is that sharing my story about stepping into my calling as a tech founder for REVEALiO, and community leader for Tech With Heart (nonprofit), is my main purpose in life.

It is why I get out of bed every morning.

I do not share my story in hopes of becoming rich or famous. I share my story in hopes of inspiring others to step into their purpose, their calling, and to live a life that impacts others in a positive way.

After being widowed at the young age of 34, I appreciate the precious gift that life truly is. I want to encourage you and others to be all that you were meant to be, both personally and professionally.

Life is short. Don’t hold back. Go all in!!

We all have the potential to shine bright like a diamond and attract all that we are meant to have and more.

Join the Celebration

Short Talks TV Launch with Featured Speakers

I invite you to celebrate this BIG TV debut with me by joining our pre-launch party on Clubhouse, May 25th at 3pm PDT via this link.

(My Clubhouse username is @mcalloway_ar. Let’s follow each other.)

The creator of Short Talks TV, Raven Blair Glover, @talkshowmaven, will be interviewing myself and some of the other speakers that are also being featured on this new channel.

At 4pm PDT, you are invited to tune in to watch ALL of the featured speakers present their signature talks, on Short Talks TV (Roku or Amazon Fire TV), or LIVE on Raven International’s website.

About Michelle Calloway

Headshot of Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO and Founder of Tech With Heart Network

Michelle Calloway is a Media Tech Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling Author and CEO of an innovative software and media solutions company called REVEALiO.  

REVEALiO helps business owners attract clients through unique, robust interactive storytelling experiences that literally make your message COME ALIVE right before their eyes!

Michelle has been featured in Inc. Magazine, and praised by Kevin Harrington, of ABC’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, for providing small business owners with a unique differentiator that creates powerful organic conversions.

She is driven by success and determined to help forward-thinking businesses gain the ultimate competitive advantage by captivating their audiences and influencing buying decisions with media storytelling and interactive branded experiences.

Michelle is also Founder of the Tech With Heart Network, an online business community and TV show. Her Tech With Heart Network further empowers small business owners to achieve rapid success leveraging the power of media exposure and celebrity status. The power of this network can take a new business owner with no pre-existing track record and create instant credibility in any market.

About Tech With Heart Network

Tech With Heart is a community of heart-centered, forward-thinking business professionals who want to use technology to quickly grow their business, but also want to keep human connection at the core of everything they do.

Thank you for celebrating this very special moment with me.

If you feel that your message needs to be seen and heard by more people, you could get featured on TV too. Just let me know that you are interested and I will get you hooked up with the right people to make it happen for you.

You can reach out to me at