Protecting Your Business From SIM Swapping with Dick Gray

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Protecting Your Business From SIM Swapping - A Tech With Heart Interview with Dick Gray

Many small business owners struggle with technology, and it is our goal to empower them to make the best possible decisions regarding technology and their online businesses.

Smartphone technology is something that pretty much everyone is using, and these devices are often used to provide two-factor authentication via texting to keep online accounts secure from hackers.

The problem is, that hackers are getting more creative, and they are using the information found on the dark web from past security breaches to contact mobile carriers and convincing them they are the owner of the account. The carrier then switches over the phone’s SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) to the hacker’s phone and now they have easier access to online bank accounts and business systems.

This type of hack recently happened to business franchise owner, Dick Gray, who knows quite a bit about document fraud, but was not informed about SIM Swapping, and therefore was not protected against it. He doesn’t want to see that happen to any other business owners or individuals for that matter. That is why he shares his story on the Tech With Heart Show.

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In this interview, you will learn:

  • Learn what SIM Swapping is
  • Learn how to lock down your SIMs
  • Learn who to ask for help to protect yourself and your business

About Guest Dick Gray

Headshot of Dick Gray - male smiling

Dick Gray is a 51-year veteran of the printing industry and presently is a franchise owner in Proforma, a $500 million-dollar-a-year operation selling printing services

Dick is recognized as having a world class expertise in anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery of printed documents. His clients range from Fortune 50 corporations down to small 3 person companies spread across the United States and Canada.

Dick is one of 185 Certified Document Consultant ‘s (CDC) in the world. He is one 1700 plus Certified Forms Consultant’s (CFC) in the world. He is a Certified Multimedia Sales Specialist (CMSS) and one of 2 Microsoft Authorized Printing Partner’s (MAPP) in the world. He is also a Certified Data Processor (CDP) and a Certified Software Engineer (CSE).

Dick is recognized as having a world class expertise in anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery of printed documents. His clients range from Fortune 50 corporations down to small 3 person companies spread across the United States and Canada.

Dick’s military service started in August of 1966 when he entered the Army as a Private after being drafted. After receiving accelerated promotions to the rank of Sargent (E5), Dick started the Army’s Infantry Officer Candidate School at Ft  Benning, Georgia in early April of 1967. After being commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Infantry in late September 1967, Dick was assigned to Schofield Barracks in Hawaii for a few weeks before his unit, the 11th Light Infantry Brigade deployed to Viet Nam. Arriving in Viet Nam on December 6, 1967, Dick led his platoon in combat operations for several months including the TET Offensive. Dick was wounded on March 5, 1968 by mine fragments in both legs and the chest plus he lost all hearing in his right ear.

Dick is presently a volunteer mentor to wounded warriors in job interviewing techniques and resume writing. His theme as a mentor is “Why Veterans don’t get hired and How We Change That”. 100% of the 470 plus warriors Dick has mentored have been hired in various disciplines in business.

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