Tax Tips To Keep More Money In Your Business – A Tech With Heart Interview With Chris Middleton

What You Don’t Know Can Actually Hurt You (Financially)! (Tax)?

Imagine your business making more money than in previous years, yet you pay thousands less in taxes because you knew a simple tax tip to implement throughout the fiscal year.

It is good to know your numbers.

It is also good to get educated about tax reduction tools.

I recently interviewed Chief Tax Strategist and Founder of, Chris Middleton, on the Tech With Heart Show. He helps a small business owner who is looking to optimize and streamline their tax savings.

He says: “Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge APPLIED is power”.

Take advantage of these tax strategies, and you will have more money to invest directly for the benefit of your community.

In this episode of Tech With Heart, you will learn:

    • The importance of knowing your numbers
    • Tax-saving strategies with actionable steps.
    • Where to gain access to free tax reduction strategies to save you thousands of dollars in tax write-offs.

In this post-Covid world, you can use simple strategies to reduce your tax obligations, such as host business meetings at home as a business write-off.

Chris is giving away one of the 20+ courses in Tax Reduction University that shows small business owners the $12,000 + write-off they have been missing. Access the FREE Action Guide & Course at

Work smarter and keep more of your money in your business.

It’s simple. Knowledge APPLIED is power.

About Guest Chris Middleton

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Chris Middleton is the Chief Tax Strategist and Founder of

TRU (Tax Reduction University) was founded to provide targeted and actionable education to busy business owners to reduce their tax bills.

Access his FREE Action Guide & Course at 


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