Time Travel Traffic – Retargeting Your Best Prospects – A Tech With Heart Interview with Patrick Smith

Apr 25, 2023Business Growth, News, Social Media, TWH Show

Time Travel Traffic - Finding Your Best Prospects - A Tech With Heart Interview with Patrick Smith

Capturing a target client’s attention with the right offer, at the precise time in which they are ready to buy, is a difficult feat to accomplish online, but there is a way to always stay “top of mind.”

Imagine being able to put an ad on thousands of phones in a location where you knew that many of your target prospects were hanging out.

Imagine having your business ad show up on various websites or social media platforms that your prospect is viewing, without having them ever visit your website.

Would either of these scenarios add value to your business?

This method of marketing is called “retargeting” and Tech With Heart recently interviewed, retargeting specialist, Patrick Smith, to share some valuable insights about affordable retargeting strategies using banner display ads and RTB bidding.

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In this interview, you will learn:

  • The concept of Time Travel Traffic
  • What digital display ads are and what sets them apart from pay-per-click or search ads
  • What RTB is and how to order or buy digital display ads
  • What the ROI averages are for digital display ads

Digital Display Ads

  • Images on websites and phone apps
  • Multiple sizes
  • Can be a still, GIF, or video
  • Emphasizes a brand whether the person clicks or not. Picture worth a thousand words.

RTB  Bidding

Real-time Bidding (RTB) is an ad placement process that is happening every second. Pay for impressions, not clicks. Prices vary depending on how often your ad is shown to selected target audiences.

Ways to find and target prospects:

  • Interests – Publish ads on websites based on the prospect’s interests
  • Demographic profile – Show ads to people based on who they are (describe a group)
  • Target URL or App –  Publish ads only on specific (local newspaper site, https://www.entrepreneur.com)
  • Hyper-local (geo-fencing) – Target by exact physical address (current location of customer) Auto shop example
  • Retargeting – Only show ads to people who visited your website already (Amazon example)
  • Time Travel Traffic – Show ads to people who visited a specific location in the past year, wherever they are today. Super Bowl example. For this to work you need 50,000 phones at the site in the last year.

About Guest Patrick Smith

Side headshot of Patrick Smith - male wearing blue shirt and red tie wearing glasses smiling

Patrick Smith is an innovative business coach, speaker, and author, focusing on empowering small business owners to embrace smart digital marketing practices so they can grow and maintain a competitive advantage in oversaturated marketplaces.

Patrick has been a small business owner since 1989 and is the Owner of OnlineViz a full-service digital marketing company focused on local business growth. Patrick is certified as a Retargeting Specialist and is finding ways to make retargeting affordable for small business owners.

Known as the RV Digital Nomad – Patrick is a full-time RVer traveling around the US, coaching other RVers that love to travel while working, on how to effectively make extra money anywhere they park.

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