Born to Be Awesome Speaker Shot-carol stanleyThe Importance Of Great Leadership!

The voice of a leader is a powerful beacon that guides people on the right path. One’s journey toward success is never simple, and many people need someone to guide them along the way. Carol Stanley is here to inspire, train, and give you and your leadership team the tools you need to gain confidence, poise, and command over your voice, body, mind, and spirit while presenting from stage. Empower yourself with presentation skills that boost your charisma and give voice to your soul. It’s time to go from business leader to brilliant motivator, and compel people to take action.

We all know that the hardest challenge we face in life is the fight against ourselves, our passions, and our weaknesses. A brilliant and effective leader can motivate people to fight in a war and win the hardest of battles. Most business owners sense that they need guidance and direction, but they don’t always know what that looks like. It’s the motivating leader’s job to guide and teach and give voice to the solution they struggle to reach. Unfortunately, many business leaders lack the ability to command a room and ignite enthusiasm within their corporation no matter how informative their message may be. The truth is that only 7% of any communication is content. The more important 93% of communication is in the delivery which is critical to communication effectiveness and success.

“To establish an emotional connection with your audience, you must understand how to harness the full potency of your passion, your thoughts, your voice, your body and posture, and your innate charisma.”

Carol Stanley has guided countless CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, and leaders with her vast knowledge of the science and physiology of voice and presentation. Her students quickly grew from unsteady and shaky presenters to capable, confident, and powerful leaders. Her job is to transform a leader into a compelling authority who can inspire and motivate any audience, even the most distracted one. Yes – even those teenagers who spend their days and nights with a smartphone in their hands. She will draw out all of your hidden talents to become the dynamic leader you were meant to be.


The Authentic Power of Voice

Imagine being able to inspire people to take action with only a few words spoken.”

The words you use when you talk make up only a small portion of your ability to get your message across. Just 7 percent, to be precise. The remaining 93 percent of your communication lies in the way you use the power of your thoughts, your body, your posture stature, and your voice. Understanding the “sweet spot” of your voice, as Carol calls it, is critical to keep you in that zone where you can put your whole spirit, body, and soul behind your message. That’s the most effective technique to let that message fly across the room to reach and penetrate your audience. The vocal pitch, the timbre, the tone, the pace, and the pauses – they are all essential pieces of that incredibly complex mechanism that Carol calls the “sweet spot” of your voice that constitutes effective verbal and non-verbal communication. Learn to you use them in the right way, and you will be able to communicate your thoughts much more effectively.

But what Carol learned during all these years, is that powerful communication goes much beyond knowing all about pitches and pauses – something any average theater instructor will teach you. To establish an emotional connection with your audience, you must understand how to harness the full potency of your voice, your body, your posture, and your innate charisma. Together, they will all work like an instrument that can project your heart and soul through your message, and act as a bridge that connects your mind with your heart. Knowing how to get out of your head and speak from your heart means that you will link your voice with the most authentic place where your message is held. As you understand how to work on your authenticity and authority, you will stop acting as a brilliant leader and begin being a brilliant motivator.

About Special Guest Carol Stanley

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Carol Stanley is much more than the average stage teacher or life coach. Since 1974, the beloved “Fairy Godmother” has guided hundreds of formerly frustrated leaders to step into their own unique brand of stage brilliance.  She knows exactly how to equip even the least adept wanna-be speakers with the skills they need to become the stars they were meant to be. Carol told the world about the immense power that lies inside each one of us in her book, Incredible Life. And she did it full in-depth once again in her newest book, Born To Be Awesome – a guide to shining with brilliance on stage and camera through the power of God in you.

Carol has a vast background in stage, movie screen, TV and radio performance, as well as speaking, singing and modeling professionally. As part of her elite presentation skills training, she teaches EQ (emotional intelligence) personality science to empower speakers to communicate quickly and effectively with anyone and everyone.  Carol is a Premier Success Coach for eWomen Network, and has been recognized as a business leader in Women of Distinction Magazine, Continental and Stanford Who’s Who.  She is a crowd-pleasing, life-changing speaker and trainer who adds massive value with every innovative speaking strategy she shares and is specialized in engagement tools that keep the audience constantly focused and engaged.

The Transformation Awaits

Your passion, beauty within, and the impact you make can shine boldly on stage or camera from the inside out … if you just lean into it.”

Whether you’re an experienced leader or an aspiring business coach, you will greatly benefit from Carol’s teachings. No matter how inexperienced or insecure you or your leadership team may be, she can transform anyone with heart and purpose to be an effective communicator. That’s the only thing that matters – as long as you have the heart and desire to become a better, more inspirational leader, Carol is here to provide you with the techniques and tools to get you there.

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About Host Michelle Calloway

Michelle Calloway Inc

Michelle Calloway is a Speaker, Int’l Bestselling Author, and the Founder and CEO of REVEALiO, Inc., an innovative software development company specializing in augmented reality experiences. Inc. Magazine supports her goal to make augmented reality experiences accessible and affordable for everyone, to enhance human relationships, and empower business owners to have more impact, influence, and income.

Michelle combines her expertise in visual communication with the emerging world of augmented reality (AR). This cutting-edge technology overlays virtual content on top of real world objects when they are viewed through a mobile or wearable smart device.

Her vision of REVEALiO became clear when she witnessed the powerful heartfelt connection that took place when a deployed U.S. soldier received a ​REVEALiO Greetings Card from his girlfriend. When the card “came alive” with her talking to him on the card, it rocked him to his core. He folded it up and carried it with him every day because it made him feel as if she was right there with him. This powerful human response is what inspired Michelle Calloway to develop and launch REVEALiO – Cards That Come Alive!

Michelle wants to share her inspirational story and teach the power of augmented reality as a marketing tool to entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, Video Professionals, and Publishers. Her heart is to empower small businesses to gain the ultimate competitive advantage by captivating their audiences and influencing their buying decisions.

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