A Tech With Heart Interview With Anna Scheller

Is Twitter a great tool for business growth? 

What is a Twitter Chat? 

How do you make connections in a Twitter Chat?

Twitter is one of the most stable social networks, and is a powerful tool for branding your business and growing your network.

But it is the right social network for you?

I recently interviewed is an award-winning podcaster, Speaker, and TV show host, as well as the host of the #USABizParty Twitter Chat, Anna Scheller, on the Tech With Heart Show. She discusses the value of using Twitter as a networking platform using Twitter Chats.

She began with only a few followers. With work and discipline, she is now considered a Twitter Influencer without spending a dollar on ads. All organic.

She recommends bringing influencers to your chat, find topics that your followers are interested in, and search for topics of interest, and join other chats.

You can learn more things about Twitterverse in this new episode.

In this episode of Tech With Heart, you will learn about Twitter Chats.

    • What is a Twitter Chat?
    • How do you make connections in a Twitter Chat?
    • What benefit can you have participating in a chat?

Twitter Chats are conversations about a specific topic at a specific hour. Anna suggests that limit your chats to an hour and asks questions often for more engagement.

Twitter Chats can create powerful connections for your business by building community, but you need to be consistent.

Twitter offers organizational tools to help you succeed like Twitter Lists, to organize your connections, and Tweetdeck, for organizing your chat and discovering #hashtags to promote a topic.

Please enjoy this episode of Tech With Heart and don´t forget to follow her on Twitter @SchellerAnna and participate on #USABizParty and see how she leads the chat.

About Guest Anna Scheller

Anna Scheller headshot

Every week, Anna Scheller interacts with scores of people across the Twitterverse in conversations about how to grow business. She has expanded the Twitter Chat experience to include a Livestream where participants can go deeper into the conversation.

Anna hosts the Sales Master and Black Belt Selling podcasts, airing on iTunes and Roku TV.

She is the author of Amazon’s best-seller, Black Belt Selling, Closing with Confidence.

Why Black Belt Selling? Anna achieved her 4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 58, and continues to rain!

Anna is the mother of 7 grown children and married to her college sweetheart, Phillip. They live in Del Rio with their dog, Roo.

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