Online Video Content Strategies for Businesses – A Tech With Heart Episode with Michelle Calloway

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Online Video Content Strategies For Businesses - A Tech With Heart Episode with Michelle Calloway

Stories have been used to pass on generational knowledge for centuries because they have a high retention rate. The more relatable the story, the easier the details of the story are recalled by the listener.

Relatable stories allow businesses to connect with online audiences without being there in person.

A well-placed call to action at the end of a story prompts people to take any action that often leads to a purchase, a donation, or a consultation request.

Capturing stories on video and presenting them on multiple online and media outlets is the easiest way to gain recognition and build a following online, yet many small business owners struggle with the whole video creation process.

Media & Technology Strategist, Michelle Calloway, and CEO of REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions discuss online video content strategies on the Tech With Heart Show that businesses are benefiting from today.

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Michelle breaks down the video creation process, the various types of videos businesses should create, and how to maximize efficiencies when creating them to get the most value out of each video.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to identify what message needs to be created on video
  • What types of videos businesses should use to increase engagement and sales
  • How to repurpose video content into smaller micro-videos as a lead generator

About Host Michelle Calloway

Headshot of Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO and Founder of Tech With Heart Network-Purple Jacket

Michelle Calloway is a Media Tech Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, and CEO of innovative software and media solutions company called REVEALiO.

REVEALiO helps business owners attract clients through unique, robust interactive storytelling experiences that literally make your message COME ALIVE right before their eyes!

Michelle has been featured in Inc. magazine and praised by Kevin Harrington, of ABC’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, for providing small business owners with a unique differentiator that creates powerful organic conversions.

She is driven by success and determined to help forward-thinking businesses gain the ultimate competitive advantage by captivating their audiences and influencing buying decisions with media storytelling and interactive branded experiences.

Michelle is also the founder of the Tech With Heart Network, an online business community, and TV show. Her Tech With Heart Network further empowers small business owners to achieve rapid success leveraging the power of media exposure and celebrity status. The power of this network can take a new business owner with no pre-existing track record and create instant credibility in any market.

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About Tech With Heart

Tech With Heart is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation focused on creating a safe, nurturing learning environment for entrepreneurs, students, and children. Tech With Heart is a nonprofit with a passion to ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER business owners to EMBRACE technology and business strategies that will keep them competitive and relevant for long-term success, in a rapidly changing digital world. The entrepreneurial support program, Tech With Heart Network, is unlike other business networks because they are a nonprofit focused on serving and supporting, not gaining financial wealth.

  • Members are heart-centered AND forward-thinking
  • They teach emerging technologies and growth strategies
  • All questions are good questions. They provide timely answers too!
  • All ages and knowledge levels are welcome to participate
  • Members build and nurture long-term business relationships as they grow alongside one another
  • Warm, professional, and vetted business referral network

Visibility and promotional opportunities for experts and influencers as they enlighten and empower the entrepreneurial audience

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